Important links

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I am listing a few important links for more information on the Fast Metabolism Diet:

Haylie Pomroy’s book – The Fast Metabolism Diet.
You can buy the book on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, among many other places, just Google it.

Haylie Pomroy’s (the author of the book The Fast Metabolism Diet) website:

Haylie Pomroy on Pinterest: Tons of recipes for each phase.

Chewfo – This post contains all the foods allowed and not allowed. Useful for those who don’t have the book. I have a post with most of the ingredients I chose or want to explore.

Few bloggers’ experiences:

San Briego – someone who wanted wait loss to look good at Coachella!
Voice of reason – a mom who wanted to lose the baby weight
Women’s Blog Talk – a lady who wanted to look perfect on her wedding day
Sparkpeople – a person who reviewed the diet after just one week of being on the diet and no exercise!
Tammy’s twocents – Another blogger’s experience. She did it thrice!

Other useful links:

BMI calculator – Oh by the way, Haylie Pomroy hates BMI, because she says chronic dieters have a number in their heads and change it to set new goals. But I am not a chronic dieter, I never went on a diet so I think it’s ok to look at BMI. She also says that a person can be in the right BMI but not be in shape or people are in shape but not be in the right BMI. I can understand this. But I also know that when I was in good shape, I automatically fell in the right BMI level. This may not be for everyone of course. It’s an international standard that doctors look at too. So yes, I will talk BMI in my posts.


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