Hi, I am the Globalized Indian. More about me and my blog’s purpose here.

Today is 26th December, 2014. January is the time for implementing new year resolutions and breaking them again. I wanted to put an end to that. So I’ve started the journey in December! The changes I’ve made: stop eating out as frequently as I did before, stick to healthy homemade food (mostly Indian), and increase workout frequency. Starting a workout is the hardest for me after living a sedentary lifestyle because of the initial muscle soreness and the struggle to get mapmywalkthings moving. I’ve overcome that, and I’m happy to have lost over 3 lbs. so far. I like to lose 1 or 2 lbs. per week. My main workout mode is walking. I use the MapMyWalk app to keep me motivated to do better each time and walk longer. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in walking for weight loss. If running is your thing, there’s MapMyRun too. Apart from logging your own walks and measuring distance, pace, etc., I like the ability to explore new routes in my area. That way I get a change of scenery, elevation, etc. to keep me interested.

I plan to start the diet on January 5th, 2015. The four week cycle should be completed by February 2015. Before I start, I will be planning all my meals, grocery lists, etc. I will try to consolidate workout plans too apart from walking.

If you are new to the Fast Metabolism Diet like me, first of all I recommend reading the book. Book links mentioned in my About page.


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