There are specific brands that you may need to buy for some of the foods mentioned in the diet.

For example, you can’t just buy any chicken broth because some can contain dextrose and other types of sugar that isn’t allowed on the diet. So I will mention the brands I got that suits the diet. Lots of stuff contain wheat or corn which you have to avoid. This part can be tough unless you can remember the brand names that already conforms to the diet.

Bottom line, you need to read the ingredients before you put them in your cart.

Unsweetened coconut milk – Chaokoh

Chicken, vegetabe stock – Rachel RayPacific (organic).

Quinoa – Ancient Harvest – I got the harmony blend (or rainbow quinoa that contains a mixture of 3 types of quinoa).

Brown rice – you can get any I guess. I got  Nishiki brand premium brown rice.

Stevia – Protocol for Life Balance’s Stevia Liquid Extract from pureformulas
Stevia in particular is hard to get because sugar in the form of dextrose, lactose, etc. is sneaked in. So I’m thinking of avoiding it altogether. But if needed, this seems like a good one.

Coconut Aminos – again from Pureformulas, your local The Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon

Tamari: I have San-J though I don’t know if its the best (it contains small amount of alcohol as preservative)

Deli meat:  Applegate and Open Nature

Chicken sausage: Brooklyn Cured – Chicken Chorizo

Bread: Ezekiel’s 4:9

This blog called doyoureallyknowwhatyoureeating is pretty interesting to learn about which brands are good and what’s right. It helps me a lot because it talks about brands sold in and around north NJ which is where I live currently.

Some interesting links: Shoprite meat brands– which makes me think Clayton’s organic beef is the way to go for now. A post on chicken – I have to admit I buy Perdue regularly, but I try getting Coleman’s whenever I can. Readington farms poultry is also said to be good – which is fed a vegetarian diet and raised without antibiotics. I will look out for this. Empire Kosher is also an antibiotic free brand.


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