I went shopping!


Today I made a quick list of foods I must have and don’t have in the pantry. I went to a local farmers market to just look at the ingredients with a new set of eyes. The eyes that read the book! Looking for all these new ingredients I never bothered to notice before.

The first section was sauces. I did not find coconut aminos or Braggs’ liquid aminos. But I found Tamari instead. I looked at the ingredients. The soy was ok because the book said Tamari soy was fine. Also it said it contained alcohol, which I thought wasn’t allowed on the diet? But you can’t really find tamari without alcohol around here, so I got it anyway.

I also got quinoa – the harmony blend from Ancient Harvest, brown rice – Nishiki brand premium brown rice, and organic low-sodium vegetable broth – all the ingredients on it was organic with no sugar. The brand is Pacific. These things weren’t too expensive in my opinion.

At the fish section, I was glad to find our favorite fish Halibut. I also got two filets of lemon sole. Now both these fish are not cheap compared to the other choices there.

I was out of red onions, so we got that. And a box of raspberries.

I saw a label that said Jicama but the vegetable underneath it was Chayote. I got the chayote anyway, I know it’s not part of the diet. No idea why, coz it seems like a healthy vegetable. Anyway I will be consuming it before I start the diet on 5th Jan, that is over the weekend.

I still have a lot more stuff to buy. Specially veggies and some meat maybe. But that’s for tomorrow. Haven’t found the sprouted grain bread yet. Also need more fruits and possibly a carton of egg whites. And arrowroot powder from my local Indian store.


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