Shopping Day 2


Yesterday, I completed the rest of the shopping for this diet.

I stopped at Whole Foods in Madison, NJ – I’ve been avoiding this place for a while. I love the produce and everything else in it, just not the bill. But for me, there’s no better place to get everything you need and people don’t look at you weird if you’re looking for something specific and healthy lol.

Needless to say, I got lots of fresh produce at Whole Foods. I got to the soy sauce section and on the bottom rack I saw Liquid Aminos in huge letters staring back at me. So that’s where you get Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. However I did not pick it up. I kept looking and sure enough, a few bottles next to it, I found Coconut Aminos. Bingo! So that’s what I picked up coz I want to test this thing out.

I like the meat section of Whole Foods too. I got 2 lbs. of 93% lean ground beef, and chicken breasts. I wasn’t planning on getting any sausages, coz I rarely include it in my diet. However I stopped by to see if I can find nitrate-free sausages. There were a few, but on closely inspecting the ingredients, a lot of them contain Wheat! and Corn! and Soy! Ugh! I finally got one brand that had nothing but chicken and herbs and spices in it. The brand is Brooklyn Cured – Chicken Chorizo. I got arrowroot flour by Bob’s Mills, though I instantly regretted it after finding a cheaper packet at my Indian grocery store. I knew it would be cheaper yet I reached for it! Damn you Whole Foods!

The husband bought his wheat breads, and baked goods from the bakery section. Since I had 2 days more to go on the diet, I have to admit I did try the fudge brownie he got. Heated it and put a scoop of Talenti cookies and cream ice cream…mmm Boy I haven’t had a good dessert in ages!

Then I went to my Indian grocery store, got okra, pomegranates, stocked up on my usual sesame oil brand Idhayam. Got my herbs – mint, curry leaves and cilantro. And adzuki beans (protein for Phase 1) for my pumpkin erissery – they are labeled as Red Chori beans (they look like a red moong dal, most of you will be more familiar with the green one).

Next stop was Shoprite. I did find the sprouted grain bread in the freezer aisle, just as the book said. Its in the waffles section at my ShopRite. A also saw sprouted grain bagels and the likes, so just made a note in my head for future. I also got a carton of egg whites coz I don’t have the heart to throw out yolks of whole eggs, nor do I want to feed it to my husband lol.

So I think I got all I wanted to get started with the diet. Back home,  arranging everything in my refrigerator seemed challenging as expected. The vegetable drawers were stuffed and I had to leave some on the racks above. I hate doing that coz sometimes it tends to form ice crystals and ruin the texture of the produce! After that I prepared my first Inventory post and printed it out.

Today is Day 0. A Sunday. I don’t have much time to type things out. I need to spend as much time as possible in the kitchen, so I have food at hand every time I have to eat. Wish my luck!


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