Day 1 log

DAY 1!! Yayy!! I woke up and I was super excited to get this diet going!

However as expected, I could not get the breakfast ready in 30 mins. of waking. So as soon as the clock hit the 30 min. mark, I ate an orange. That was the only way coz that oatmeal was not going anywhere yet. Plus I desperately needed to get in the shower. So I peeled and cut up an apple, mixed it into my overnight oatmeal and let it cook on the stove. Meanwhile I took a shower and got ready for work. Oatmeal was done by the time I got out of the shower. I separated it into two bowls. Mixed honey, sugar and milk in one bowl for my husband – who still finds it hard to swallow oatmeal!

Snack at work : Guava

Lunch : Brown rice, pumpkin-adzuki bean erissery, – it was boring but since I was eating with colleagues and talking, I was able to finish it without struggling too much. I felt odd trying to eat a fruit after that, coz people may just want to go back upstairs to get back to work. So I had my fruit – an apple at my desk. From start to finish, I think the lunch took me an hour

Then 3 hours later (4 pm) I had my last snack of the day – 2 oranges.

Then at night, oh boy this is when I was feeling really weird. I struggled to eat my dinner coz it tasted so boring. And while whining to my husband about it, he told me maybe I’m going through some kind of withdrawal. I can’t tell which one coz I’ve never been on a diet before, and now I’ve cut out so many things. I tried to think and I’m not really sure if I’ve gone a single day without a drop of oil in all my meals of the day, or a drop of milk, or a pinch of sugar. I don’t think it’s caffeine withdrawal coz I’m not craving my tea or feeling a bad headache. I was fine all day, it’s just the evening after I got back from work that I started to feel so miserable. Anyway I’m glad I did not give up. But I hate the fact that tomorrow is also Phase 1, I thought this would be my favorite phase. Anyway I cooked some more brown rice for tomorrow and also some ground meat for phase 2 meals. I also braised some cabbage but to me its very salty but my husband tasted it and he said it’s amazing. He likes more salty foods than me. Anyway I used very little salt in the ground meat, so combining the two will hopefully negate that.

Time for bed.


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