Update: 2 weeks on the Fast Metabolism Diet

Yes I know. I wrote a quick log about day 1 and then just disappeared! To be honest, I couldn’t find time to keep up with the blog along with my daily workload. Not to mention the enormous amount of planning and cooking I’ve been doing. And don’t get me started on the refrigerator, oh my god! There are days when I found it hard to just close the damn door coz it’s so damn full! But the good news is nothing has gone to waste so far, which usually happens when I buy a tonne of produce. The diet so far has been going well, I should say. So here’s a quick review on what’s happened to me so far.

I am on the last day of the 2nd week on this diet. So far, I have lost 5.6 pounds! Which is awesome! The pace of the loss isn’t as dramatic as I had feared. Averaging around 3 lbs per week is pretty good. That just means that the body at work with the whole fat burning process.

Just like most people who have tried this diet, I have to admit Phase 2 is just the worst! All that meat with no oil or carbs was just hard. Meat for snacks too was just too weird. When the phase is finished and I realize it’s Phase 3, my happiness has no bounds! That said, I also have to admit, I lose more weight on Phase 2 than any other phase. So I know I shouldn’t be complaining, but it’s hooooorrrible!!

This being a completely honest review, I do want to mention a few cheats that happened, because I am human afterall. It’s not anything too bad though. In no particular order, here’s the list.

  • Chicken and beef stock: could not find any brand in my supermarket without the sugar (which is less that 1%). So I took it anyway because I needed stock. The vegetable one of the same brand did not contain any sugar.
  • Deli meat – same thing – no nitrates, but yes cane sugar. It’s unavoidable!
  • Egg white omelettes on Phase 2 breakfasts: there are some days when the egg white decided to stick to my pan and it had to be turned into a scramble eventually, which tasted rubbery and gross. Sometimes, it turns out fine, I guess I need to be gentler with it. On a few occasions, I did use a spray or two of Pam. Yes I know it’s not right, but I couldn’t help it. Sauteing the vegetables without oil just wasn’t working well for me. I used vegetable stock once and it sucked!
  • On Phase 2, I wanted to try a sirloin beef stirfry. I had to take it to work that day as lunch, and while making it in the morning and taste testing, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to eat it. And going hungry was not an option. So I put less than a tablespoon of ready made teriyaki sauce which I’m sure contains sugar, corn and what not. I did not have the courage to read the ingredient list lol! But it was a small amount, and there’s no way I could fee guilty about it. It tasted pretty good in fact.
  • I have eaten a phase 3 food during phase 1 and 2 this week. I had made a lovely chicken curry with tomatoes and coconut milk. Yes it had onions and tomatoes sauteed in oil and spices. It was delicious and the leftovers were begging to be eaten the next day. On phase 1 I had some for dinner. Also on phase 2 one night, I used a tad bit as dressing for my spring mix. I hate the Phase 2 salad dressing, it’s just gross and honestly it’s smell reminded me of smelly socks or feet!
  • While roasting a few vegetables in the oven once, I did spray a tiny bit of Pam.
  • Phase 3 of the first week – work and things just took over everything I was under quite a bit of stress. Also I got into an argument with my husband while making the chicken curry with the salt quantity. He always wants more while I want less. I got angry and went to bed, so I did end up skipping a meal – a big one – dinner! So I wasn’t surprised at all, when I gained weight during this phase.
  • Week 2 wasn’t as strict as week 1. Eating something within the first 30 minutes of waking just wasn’t happening. I simply cannot cook oatmeal that fast and I cannot keep my morning rituals for a later time. So every breakfast has been at least an hour after waking. Yesterday, it was almost 2 hours after waking. Because of the delay, I haven’t been able to have the snack after – because lunch is at 12. So in the end, I ended up with 4 meals a day at times. On some days, I have 2 snacks before dinner.
  • Exercise: Have to admit – haven’t done much in this department. Mainly because it’s winter and several degrees below freezing, I can’t go out for my regular walks. I did strength training once on the first week of Phase 2. The book asked to pump hard and I knew it was a mistake to take weights that are heavier than my usual for this. I couldn’t move my arms for a week! And it was PAINFUL! I will continue using my regular weights next time, but I did not do anything on the second week.
  • Stress: I get more  stressed out over the weekend than any other part of the week. So Phase 3 being in this part doesn’t help at all – because you’re supposed to de-stress and relax the body. Not happenin! It’s like “oh my gosh! I have only 2 free days and I have a tonne of things to get done before the week starts again!” Grrr.

Well I think that was it. After the 4 weeks will I continue to be on this diet for another cycle? My husband wants me to since I’ve been seeing results here. But NO and that’s because I don’t like Phase 2 and also phase 1 where you can’t even use a little bit of oil. I don’t mind continuing on Phase 3 for a few months. But I will take a break and have some wheat and dairy – I’m not intolerant to it so I don’t see the reason why I should really eliminate it. Besides, she does talk about the benefits of full fat milk in fertility and stuff so yes I will continue to use it in my regular diet. The amount of milk I consume is less – usually just a splash in my morning tea. However my main dairy consumption is in the form of yogurt. And cheese on occasion. I can reduce the intake of oil, dairy and wheat. I may try a more modified version of the diet where I use a spray of oil for all phases – meaning I’ll reduce my intake on oil. And I’ll keep dairy to a minimum too.


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