Hi! My name is… well, what’s in a name! I am the Globalized Indian. I am of Indian origin, but lived my whole life in different countries. I’ve lived 17 years in the Middle East, and 10 years in India too. Currently, I live in the United States.

I am 30 years old, and like many women out there, I am struggling with weight loss. I wasn’t overweight all the time. I was quite fit in my early twenties. But then changes in lifestyle, moving places, and other significant life events changed how my body looks and feels like. At the start of this journey, I am 60 lbs. overweight (that’s roughly 27 kgs.) I used to live a healthy lifestyle before. And I want to go back to that way of life again. But years of unhealthy eating habits (including starvation and weird eating times due to bad work schedules and other things in life) completely derailed my metabolism. Which means no matter what I eat, I don’t lose weight easily. I don’t want dramatic weight loss and want to pace myself with the weight loss – because that will help my skin to adapt to the weight loss too, and not be left with a lot of lose skin hanging. Let’s see how that works out. If I lose 32 lbs. I will be below the obese category. For Indians, the obesity category starts at 27 BMI. Currently, my BMI is at 32.7.

I’ve never been on diets and never been a fan of dieting. I just don’t believe in diets. I don’t like to exclude foods and deprive myself of one kind of nutrition for the other. I believe in eating everything in moderation. Right now, I don’t think I have a bad diet. However my physical activity is very low, and I am in the process of changing that. Along with the physical activity, I wanted to get my metabolism to fix itself. That way, my body is able to burn energy even while at rest.

So I bought Haylie Pomroy’s book – The Fast Metabolism Diet.
You can buy the book on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, among many other places, just Google it. I highly recommend everyone to give this book a read. It is very informative about how the body works and what metabolism is all about.

Even though this book is about a diet, I don’t think of it as a diet because it isn’t excluding anything like carbs, fat, protein, etc. It excludes things that are bad for you anyway – such as alcohol, caffeine and yes, sugar too. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I don’t see this is a problem. I am not addicted to caffeine. And I can live without alcohol if I had to. For those who need to have something sweet, stevia is an allowed option, however I am probably never going to use it because of the horrible things I hear about it anyway – bitter taste, tricking the body to feel its getting sugar and causing problems with your blood sugar levels, etc. I may end up cheating here and there just like other reviewers and bloggers out there. I will stay real and I will document my experience along the way. The aim however is to stick to the original plan as much as possible, and see how it goes.

I plan to start the diet on January 5, 2015. The diet last for 28 days i.e. 4 weeks. It claims weight loss of upto 20 lbs. Now that’s not what I’m aiming for, as I already stated. I prefer a slower rate of weight loss, but I want to do this to fix my metabolism. In the process if I shed pounds more quickly, I’ll take it. It also advocates drinking lots and lots of water. I am hoping that will help keep the skin supple and sag less. So by February 1st, I would have completed the diet and hopefully documented the entire journey on this blog.

Now here’s the reason why I started this blog. The diet does involve a lot of meal planning. As you’re going to eat different types of food in three phases. So I will be preparing meals and snacks for each of those phases. I want to have a place where I can keep all my recipes and meal plans organized. Maybe reviews and shopping lists too.  I am researching a lot of the recipes already recommended by Haylie and other bloggers. But here’s what I found lacking. A good collection of Indian recipes. I believe homemade Indian food is one of the healthiest meals you can eat in this world. Not the stuff you get at restaurants – ghee and cream laden heavy curries. The stuff a regular Indian makes at home – rice, dal, simple curries and sides. The best part about Indian food- the spices – already known to have great medicinal properties. You know we Indians love our spices. Spices are allowed in all phases of the Fast Metabolism Diet. When I looked at the food lists for each phase in the book, I felt like there are several Indian foods that fit the bill. However there aren’t many recipes documented anywhere. So this blog attempts to create, collect or modify Indian recipes that fit each Phase of the diet. That way it is more customized to anyone following an Indian diet. I am not vegetarian – I eat pretty much everything. If this blog gains popularity among vegetarians, I will try to add more vegetarian recipes too. I think Phase 2 is going to be especially difficult for vegetarians because of the high protein requirement, but I will attempt to find good vegetarian recipes too. I like to eat non-Indian food too, so sometimes I will have recipes that are not necessarily classified as Indian.

Each phase also requires a certain kind of physical activity. I will also try to collect workout youtube videos for each phase.

That’s it for the introduction. Good Luck and stay healthy!!


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