Splurge Secrets


The secrets that help you later in life when you have to go to large holiday parties, eat at restaurants, trying new food while on a vacation, etc.

  • Eat 10 to 15 grams of protein every 2 hours throughout the day from 30 mins of waking until the big event! This is before a huge dinner party! I was dumbfounded when I read this! Eat like it’s Phase 2 ugh! In India, eating meat is considered a luxury and even unhealthy! So it’s very bizarre but interesting coz I’m a carnivore lol. So the science behind it is that it will keep the blood sugar stable and muscles will have fuel to store any extra sugars as glycogen instead of fat. It also prevents you from pigging out, and will kick your fat-burning hormones into gear. Awesome right?Get really excited about the event – I always am. Sometimes anxious but not about food, its the socializing.
  • If you’re going to eat a lot of sweet stuff – Eat natural Sugars all day. Have fruit at breakfast and fruit with lunch. Whole fruit, no juice. Again – surprising but similar reason as protein. It stabilises the blood sugar level. Eat like it’s Phase 1.
    Snacks should be Phase 2 – protein snacks to handle the garbage you’re going to eat.
    Good fats for dinner – a Phase 3 dinner will slow the rate of sugar delivery. Weird again but awesome!
    Enjoy yourself! No guilt!
  • Booze party – Oh I’m familiar with these! Even if its just an occasional drink, there is a way to drink it with least amount of metabolic damage. One drink per week – sounds reasonable to me.
    Organic sulfite-free wine – I’ve had a hard time finding these. I’m not much of a wine drinker anyway.
    For cocktails – top-shelf liquors, not the cheap stuff – fewer chemicals and fake ingredients. Avoid food colorings too. That’s hard but again, I don’t drink hard liquor much either.
    Drink 8 oz. of water for every drink – oh I make sure I stay hydrated. Coz I really hate hangovers!!
    Don’t drink alcohol alone – have protein like chicken, beef, shrimp, fish with it.
    And no alcohol in the morning – I am proud to say that I have never done this in my entire life!