Rules for Maintenance


Here are Haylie’s rules for maintenance during and after the diet, and my thoughts on them. This is just a note for myself, as this space is for me to think out loud. I’m not trying to criticize or appraise anyone.

  • If it’s fake, huge mistake: Good one, I agree too. One struggle I face is with my husband’s love for white bread and brioche that gets in the way. I’ve always used whole milk, never use margarine, shortening, etc. Just real butter when you need it. And don’t feel guilty about it. Just don’t overindulge. I always read ingredients before I put things into my cart. If you see two brands of the same product with a price difference, read the labels! See what’s in each of them. Choose the one with real ingredients. Artificial colors, high fructose corn syrup, and many other strange chemicals should not find their way into your body.
  • Always eat within 30 minutes of waking: This one I really like but I also think is a huge challenge for me. Because I don’t use frozen, pre-made food. I usually have to prepare the breakfast before I eat it, which usually takes around half an hour. But I also do other stuff like your morning routine in the bathroom, so adding all the time up, I feel like putting food in your mouth within the first 30 minutes is a huge challenge for me. But that’s what I’m willing to try and change.
  • Don’t fast before going fast: I rarely did this in my life. I was always told that you need to exercise before you start the day, including eating breakfast. But a light snack before working out will help you from having enough energy or feeling dizzy (which I tend to get). So I like this a lot and will remember this from now on. Eat at least 30 minutes before exercising. A piece of fruit is the most ideal snack before a workout. After workout, 10-20 grams of protein.
  • Three meals, two snacks: I know this already, but like most people I find it hard to execute. It fluctuates for me. Sometimes I have 2 meals and 1 snack. Sometimes 3 meals and 1 snack. There have been worse days but I’ve tried not to do that. I would love for this to change forever.
  • Celebrate the seasons: Sure, I like to get seasonal produce, because they are fresh and just healthy overall. Its also more affordable.
  • Embrace your culture: Of course, that’s why I’m tweaking this to be the “Indian” Fast Metabolism Diet. 😀
  • Make time and cupcakes: I truly believe in this one! I’ve said this in my first post as well, and I can say it many more times. You need to know what has gone into your food. That means you need to cook your own food. I like to try new types of food at restaurants, and other people’s houses on occasion.  And if I really like something I always think about how I can recreate at home. It would definitely be more healthier because I take care in cleaning the food, I use clean knives, utensils and a clean workspace. I control the amount of oil, or butter or anything else that goes in it. I chose the brands, with the good and real ingredients. Not inferior stuff. So I can be confident that it’s going to be accepted well in my body.
  • Chart your path: Hello blog! You’re helping me do this! It’s really tough, I’ve failed at this many times. But I’m doing it a new way this time.
  • Keep cooking and slow cooking: Indian food is a lot about cooking and slow cooking. It’s the traditional way. The Indian whistling pressure cooker is a quintessential household utensil that speeds up the slow cooking process. But if I find a good Crock-pot deal I may get one. Just worried my husband will whine about accommodating yet another gadget it in our small apartment.
  • Keep freezing: See, this I’m a little iffy about. I know Americans love to freeze things and eat them for ages, but Indians are on the fence about this. And I don’t think it’s without reason. I know it’s a huge time saver for busy lifestyles in this modern age. But you can’t really freeze everything! Some foods just don’t freeze well, and freezing will tend to break the structure down for some foods like cabbage, lettuce, and lots of other foods. And I feel that this will definitely change the nutritional content of the food. Some studies say the depreciation is negligible but I’m still not convinced. Freezing curries like dal, or a fish curry is quite odd, and I’m not sure if it’ll work. I can only try it and update. The things I always freeze: freshly grated coconut – a crucial ingredient in South Indian cooking, any meats, fish, peas, corn, puff pastry, filo dough. Sometimes pre-made tuna cutlets, kibbeh meatballs, spring rolls, fruits like peaches and blueberries in sugar, strawberries in sugar, and of course ice cream!
  • Maintain your crash stash: Haha! I always maintained a crash stash – with a lot of different chips packets! I’m a chips fanatic! I’ll try to be better at this.
  • Stay Quit: She means to stay away from the stuff mentioned in the don’t list. Caffeine I have in the form of black tea which isn’t as bad as coffee. Sugar as I said, I don’t overindulge, just a teaspoon in my tea is a normal amount. Gluten, corn, soy I don’t consume regularly. Alcohol, just a couple of beers on an occasional weekend no big deal. Processed food, again I try not to buy them ever.
  • Drink Up: Now I try my best to load up on water consumption. I’m usually good at this, but there are days when I’m not conscious about how much water I’ve taken especially while at home. I think introducing a tumbler will keep this in check. Let’s see.
  • Keep Moving: Again, I love this idea. But I’m usually a body at rest that stays at rest. It’s the initial start that I find challenging. But once I’m on a roll, I feel good.
  • Repeat the diet as needed: Let’s do this once first, then I’ll decide. One line I liked in the book: Think of the diet as sweeping the patio after a storm. Even after you’ve cleaned it, the weather can change and you may need to sweep again.
  • Stay organic: This too, we try a lot. But grocery bills tend to sky-rocket and when we’re on a tight budget, we have to get back to non-organic stuff for sustenance. We almost always buy organic chicken. But I need to make sure the eggs, dairy and beef is organic too. Refer my brands post for some useful knowledge on good brands and links (useful esp. if you’re in the northern NJ or anywhere in the US).
  • Supplement: High-quality, clean multi-vitamin and food-based essential fatt-acid supplements. My mom used to give me vitamin tablets, but I stopped taking them after I started living on my own. I don’t really think its essential if I have a variety of foods in my diet. But I’ll do more research on this to see if I need any. A checkup with my doctor will reveal what I really need.
  • Chill out: Yayy I like to chill out. I don’t do it often enough though, especially deep breathing. I’m an erratic breather or a rather lazy one. I think meditation would help me with that.
  • Keep loving food: See I’m a foodie. So this comes naturally to me. 🙂
    A line that I really like in the book: Stay in tune with how you feel before you eat, and how you feel after you eat, to keep tabs on what foods make you feel good and what foods you are better off avoiding.